Education has become Training

Letter to South Wales Argus 20.10.16

We hear about the cuts to education subjects almost every day. But in truth the people of South Wales deserve a better conversation about education than they’re getting. Getting outraged about the loss of Archaeology and Classics is all well and good, but how useful is it when the vast majority of pupils would never have been offered these A levels in the first place?

Where’s the outrage about the everyday failings of our education system. The underpaid, overworked teachers, the students who are failing to connect with the curriculum they’re being taught, and leaving school where the only clear path to their future is debt.

If the objective of education is to funnel students down into being vassals for current industry, then it is not true education, it is training. If we are to inspire minds and create a bright sustainable future, then the broader the subject matter taught, the better.

Education is important, and Wales has been lagging behind for too long. Our elected AM’s are just tinkering around the edges. It’s time to address the failings of this system head-on, and give our young people something to be inspired about.

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