About Me

Born on 13th August 1953, I am a daughter of Cornwall. My youth held the privilege of the sea, the sun and the rolling hills of childhood freedom. A budding pianist, a misfit at school, I blossomed at art college and was propelled to the heady heights of fashion design where perhaps my greatest achievement was to discover, one morning, that my designs graced the windows of every shop window in Oxford Street.

I have lived in Plymouth, Bristol, Somerset and London before finding a home in the fellow Celtic nation of Wales, where I have been happy for more then 30 years.

By 1991 I had managed two of my own companies, made the shift into electronics and become CEO of Encrypta Electronics. Directorships of other companies followed. In 1997 I accepted a position with the Welsh Development Agency working to grow indigenous businesses; from there I moved to the Welsh Assembly Government working on business consultancy. Frustrated by the slow pace of civil service, I took early retirement to explore the world I did not know. I have lived in Cuba, backpacked round India, and driven a convoy of humanitarian aid across Europe to Gaza.

I stood as a Green Party parliamentary candidate in 2010 and 2015, and as an Assembly Member in 2011. I have been Principal Spokesperson (or leader) of the Green Party in Wales from 2011 to 2015, and am currently Deputy Leader My life as a human and environmental rights campaigner has always run in parallel to my professional work and love of motherhood. From early days as a Samaritan, to schools speaker for Amnesty International I have never stopped campaigning for the rights of the voiceless, the children, and the countryside I love so much.