Cladding – the wallpaper over the cracks of government.

Cladding, the wallpaper over the cracks, the cosmetic covering of the ills of our day, the superficial substance masking all that is rotten. Grenfell tower, like hundreds of other, similar blocks, hides beneath it’s nice shiny surface an unsafe home. The real job of this cladding was to hide poverty.

Government, clad in the veneer of an unsafe agreement with the DUP hides beneath it a different poverty. Moral poverty. Consumerism is but the cladding of an unsafe society, doomed to know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Banking is the unsafe veneer of an economic system fanning the flames of the ever widening gap between rich and poor.

Some have too much to share, some have too little not to share. We are a precarious society teetering on the brink of meltdown. The gentle manners of the poor are all that lies between the superficial cladding of law, and the unravelling structure of governance purporting to hold us all up.

I am revolted by the way our poor and our homeless are treated. Expendable, something to be swept under the carpet (or of course the cladding). There is enough money for anything the government wants to spend it on. Just gather the taxes properly, and tax efficiently. It seems everything from Trident to tax breaks are affordable, but not morality.

The UK is the 6th richest country in the world. Tell that to the survivors of Grenfell. and if they were less magnanimous, they would spit in your face.